lundi 17 décembre 2007

Deux petits plans de l'animatique des "escargots de Joseph",
animé sur flash.

2 commentaires:

Laetitia a dit…

ouah dis donc c'est plus de l'animatique là, c'est carrément animé!!

bravo soooophie

(la laeti)

annette helland a dit…

Hello Sophie Roze,

I met you at the Annecy project competition, and so much liked your projectdrawings:)
(I won another prize for "Superdad and Pelé, and was the Norwegian lady with the big belly, if you remember me..).

I am very curious of how your filmwork is going, and if you would like to write to me and tell me about it sometime, when you have time, that would be fun! I liked very much the pictures on this site!

Good luck anyway, from Annette